Over the years, many of the Lovelies we have worked with were referred by our current Lovelies, coaches, sponsors, friends, and partners - and we are so thankful for that!

As a token of gratitude, we have designed an Influencer Program to "reward" everyone of you who helped us through the years by spreading the word, and those who are new to our Sideline Prep family and believe in our Mission!

The Sideline Prep Influencer Program gives you the opportunity to earn while helping interested Lovelies and pro cheer "hopefuls" find a way toward fulfilling their dreams! 

Sideline Prep is the premier Pro Cheer Coaching company dedicated to helping aspiring cheerleaders... coaching them to success as professional and semi-professional cheerleaders in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MISL and other sports leagues.

Our signature program is our Pro Cheer Playbook Program. It's only offered twice a year. It's a comprehensive, 6-month, step-by-step coaching program that includes online trainings, in-person workshops, one-on-one training with SP Pro Cheer Coaches, accountability, community support and much more!! This is an end-to-end program designed to help our Lovelies become Prepared, Polished and Confident for Prep Classes and Auditions. 

Our results speak for themselves: 

  • 100% of our Graduates would recommend this program to their friends 
  • 98% Satisfaction rating among Pro Cheer Playbook Program Graduates
  • 74% of one of our graduating classes from our Pro Cheer Playbook Program landed a spot on a Team in less than a year. 
  • 70+% Success rate of our graduates landing a spot on a pro or semi-pro dance team. 
  • 75% of our Graduates form Japan are now Professional Cheerleaders in the NFL & NBA!
Pro Cheer Playbook

EARN rewards with our new Influencer (Referral) Program!

To expand the reach of our programs and help more pro dreams come true, we offer a unique, high value Influencer Program. All you have to do is spread the word about how Sideline Prep can help prospective pro cheerleaders GO PRO... and you will be "rewarded" monetarily. It's just a small token of our appreciation to you :) 

Joining our Pro Cheer Playbook Influencer Program is simple... You Spread the Word. We do the Rest!

  • Sign up to get your unique Referral link(s) and content for tracking purposes.
  • Watch a quick overview video to learn more about Sideline Prep, our services, our success and our Pro Cheer Playbook Coaching Program. 
  • Share information about our Closed "PREP to PRO - Cheer & Dance" Facebook Group; upcoming free webinar/training; and/or our Coaching Program on social media and via email with your email list, friends, followers, and anyone you think has a desire to Go Pro!
  • We’ll give you email templates, posts, images and content you can share about Sideline Prep with your peeps.... to make everything super easy for you! 
  • The more of your friends who sign up to our Pro Cheer Playbook Program, the more you earn. It’s easy. For any referral that signs up and joins our Pro Cheer Program (PCP) using your Ambassador referral link, You'll Receive:  
  • For the first 5 people: $150 each in monetary compensation 
  • For the 6th - 10th: $200 each 
  • For 11 people or more: $250 each!!! 

There's NO LIMIT to the amount of money you can earn being a Sideline Prep Influencer!

So... are you in?

YES, Count Me In!
GeNienne Samuels

GeNienne Samuels Founder & CEO

With 11 years as a professional cheerleader for the NFL and NBA, GeNienne uses her experience, connections and expertise to create a program to provide comprehensive skills, training, support and coaching to help her Lovelies become pro cheerleaders and confident, powerful women!