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You'll receive pro-level, personalized video feedback on any/all of the following:

  • Introduction Speech - Is it memorable? Will it have the judges wanting to know more about you? Are you poised and well spoken? Are you projecting? Are you clear? Will you stand out? Is it captivating and interesting? Are you showing the judges that you'll be able to interact with fans easily?
  • Freestyle/Improv & Solo Dance - Does your performance leave the judges wanting to see more? Will your moves "pull in" the judges? Is there a powerful start? Does the choreography flow together? Are you showing your best "stuff"?
  • Team's Choreography / Dance / Technique - Are you executing the moves correctly? Is your form and placement correct? Do you have the team's style? Do you dance like you could be a member of the team? Are you showcasing the best version of yourself?
  • Your Overall Appearance, Performance & Showmanship - Will you WOW the judges? Is your personality showing through? Could the judges see you on their field, performing for their fans? Are you fun to watch?


Just in case you are submitting a video virtually for an audition... You'll receive feedback on:

  • Background - Is it distracting? Does it add to your video or take away from it? Is it too busy? Does the color compliment you or contrast too much?
  • Lighting - Is there enough light to show YOU off? Will the judges be able to see you, your facials, and your smile? Does the lighting distort your skin tone or hair color?
  • Framing - How are you framed in the video? Too close? Too far away? Too much space above, below, right or left? Are you visible?
  • Sound - How's the audio clarity? Will the judges be able to understand what you're saying? Is the audio too loud or not loud enough?
  • Editing | Slate | Lower Third - Are there too many special effects or not enough? What can be corrected or adjusted in post-edit to make your video stand out even more? How does your slate or lower third look?


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  • Preparation Level
  • Your Ability to "Show Up"
  • Overall Knowledge
  • Dance Style, Technique, Flexibility, etc.
  • Your Glam/"It" Factor / Your Look


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