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YES!! This is THE Pro Cheer & Dance PREP Coaching Program that has OVER a 70% Success Rate of Our Graduates Landing a Spot on a Team!


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----- No Previous Dance/Cheer Experience or Requirements Necessary to Apply! -----


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The Pro Cheer Playbook Program provides the steps to take to be prepared and confident at auditions. It's your FAST TRACK to success Coaching Program! 

But don’t just take it from us… Check out our survey RESULTS from some Our Lovelies that have participated in the Pro Cheer Playbook Program!! Over 70% of our Graduates have landed a spot on a Pro or Semi-pro Cheer/Dance Team!

  • 100% of the respondents felt their knowledge, dance ability, & glamour improved as a result of being a part of the program  
  • 100% said the Pro Cheer Playbook Program gave them more confidence going into auditions
  • 100% would recommend the Pro Cheer Playbook Program to someone auditioning for a professional cheer/dance team 

These Lovelies Did It & So Can You!

"I joined the Pro Cheer Playbook program because I was cut from two pro teams that I auditioned for. I thought I had everything it took to make a pro cheer team ... I desperately wanted to make an NFL cheer team. And now I’m proud to say I’m a rookie on the New England Patriots cheer team and it’s all thanks to this amazing program. PCP and GeNienne really gave me the confidence and tools to get back out and audition. GeNienne gave me TONS of feedback on absolutely anything I needed. From my audition swimsuit to the color of my hair, she helped me every step of the way. She genuinely cares about every girl who is in her program and her positivity and motivation through this process has been absolutely incredible. Definitely something I couldn’t take for granted."

- Vanessa, Celtics Dancer | Former New England Patriots Cheerleader

"I always dreamt of being a professional cheerleader ever since I was a young girl. I felt like I had what it took to be an NFL cheerleader when I went to tryout, but to my surprise, I was hearing "no". I began to get discouraged after making it pretty far in the tryout process... I got with a personal trainer, took private dance lessons, and most importantly became a member of the Sideline Prep Training Program. Sideline Prep spearheaded the changes that I needed by helping me with two key areas: Rebuilding my CONFIDENCE and helping me to create a workable PLAN that utilized my strengths...

Sideline Prep helped me to achieve my end goal of making it through the tryout process and hearing my number called as a member of the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleading Team... the Washington Kastles... and the Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassadors. If it is your dream to become a Pro Cheerleader as it was mine, do not give up and most importantly go where you know you will achieve results!"

- Angie, Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader, Washington Kastles Cheerleader, and Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador

"After working with Sideline Prep, I was able to walk into full confidence that I was bringing my best self to the table. The personal guidance, advice and mentorship was an invaluable, monumental factor in my success through both the audition process and my first season."

- Jayanti, Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader

"Doing Sideline Prep's program was hard work. GeNienne, my Accountability & Fitness Coaches, and the other participants got me out of the dark periods with their encouragement and advice. They were a part of this victory and I give my sincere thanks."

- Della, Former Seahawks Dancer

"Sideline Prep develops their trainees not only as dancers, but also as individuals. The program focuses on bringing out the best in everyone in all aspects of their life. Sideline Prep gave me the tools to help me self-reflect and push myself to become better each and every day."

- Ashley, Former Raiderettes Cheerleader

"After 15 pro cheer auditions, I thought I had nowhere to turn to make my dream come true. That's when I found GeNienne and Sideline Prep. She and her team gave me the know-how to turn my dreams into reality. With their guidance, I made not one but two pro cheer teams! Once I made my dream NFL Cheer team, the knowledge they provided set me up for a successful Rookie season."

- Erica, Former Titans Cheerleader

“Sideline Prep's Pro Cheer Playbook Program prepared me for auditions, by giving me the tools needed to be successful and confident during the audition process. After completing the program, I've had the honor of dancing with two Pro teams this year. I've just completed my first season with the Hawkettes , cheerleaders for the Chesapeake Bayhawks . This fall, I will began my first season with the Bay Area Shuckers as a member of the Pearls.”

– Veronique, Former Hawkettes Dancer

“I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Sideline Prep. Sideline Prep motivates you and is always there when you have questions or you just need a friend. Never say no to your dream. Work hard and I promise you, it will pay off! The most important lesson I learned with Sideline Prep is to always give 110%! This means giving 110% into your preparation as well, not just the actual auditions! So if you want to feel prepared and confident, work with Sideline Prep!" 

– Jade, 1st Ladies of Football & Captain

We help Lovelies from ANYWHERE in the WORLD!

Check out some of our Japanese Lovelies who made NFL & NBA teams after working with us!

"I worked with GeNienne at Sideline Prep and now I’m an NBA Dancer! When I lost my confidence, she helped me a lot. She encouraged me and gave me a lot of advice. So, if you want to be a professional cheerleader or dancer... please join us!"

- Tomomi, Sideline Prep Japanese Coach | Cavalier Powerhouse Dancer | Former San Antonio Spurs Dancer

"GeNienne and her coaches helped me so much. Sideline Prep taught me everything for my audition and GeNienne supported me through the entire preparation, interview, audition and O-1 VISA processes."

- Sakiko, Ben-Gals Cheerleader | Sideline Prep Japanese Coach

"Thank you so much for your support and help, Sideline Prep! I worked with GeNienne and now I am a NFL Cheerleader in the US. I could not have done this without you, GeNienne. You helped me with so many things... dance, energy, showmanship, interview skills, pictures, and confidence! I am grateful to you for everything! Let's make your dream come true if you want to be a professional cheerleader in the USA!"

- Katsura, Raiderettes Cheerleader

"This training gave me the confidence to go after my dreams of becoming a professional cheerleader in the United States. As a result, I'm now an NFL Cheerleader!"

- Azusa, Former 1st Ladies of Football

Let Me Ask You a few Questions...

  • Are you ready to finally reach your goal of being a pro cheerleader? 
  • Are you unsure of exactly what you need to do to effectively prepare for auditions so you walk in with confidence?  
  • Are you confused about your appearance or if you have “the look” of a pro cheerleader? 
  • Are you tired of feeling anxious, overwhelmed, scared or uncertain around audition time?  
  • Do you need help mastering the dance style of the organization, technical dance elements, freestyle, your intro speech, how to capture the judges attention? 
  • Do you want a team of former and current professional and semi-professional cheerleaders – who have been there and done it – to guide you every step of the way?


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Our #1 Rated & PROVEN System to Get Our Lovelies on Teams! 

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You must complete an application to be considered for this exclusive program. Your information is always safe with us. We hate spam too and promise to never share your information.

Who [IS] this for?

  • YOU are an action taker who is committed to achieving a high level of success
  • YOU are seeking step-by-step instruction, a clear plan, accountability to stay on course, and the guidance of a proven and successful coach to be there for you every step of the way
  • YOU understand that taking a leap towards the next step of reaching your dream takes an investment in your commitment, time, energy, and money and you are ready to make that investment
  • YOU want to give to the group and the program as much as you want to get

Who is this [NOT] for?

  • Whiners, Complainers, or Excuse Makers (To be honest we will not get along)
  • Ladies who are NOT willing to step out of their comfort zone and take action to be more polished, prepared, and confident for auditions.

Enrollment for the Pro Cheer Playbook Program is Open NOW!! 

70+% Success Rate of Graduates Making a Team

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Apply to Join Our

Pro Cheer Playbook Program TODAY!

----- No Previous Dance/Cheer Experience or Requirements Necessary to Apply! -----

You must complete an application to be considered for this exclusive program. Your information is always safe with us. We hate spam too and promise to never share your information.

See what our Lovelies have to say...

During Our "Pro Cheer Playbook Program", You'll...

  • Improve Your CONFIDENCE, KNOWLEDGE, LOOK & DANCE ABILITY to set you up for SUCCESS at your next audition 
  • GAIN CONNECTIONS to a COMMUNITY of women with the same goals, aspirations & desires as YOU! We're in this TOGETHER!
  • CAPTURE a UNIQUE ADVANTAGE over your competition because you will know WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and HOW to do it the RIGHT WAY!
  • BECOME P-Cubed: Properly PREPARED, POLISHED & POSITIVE walk into auditions with CONFIDENCE!

You'll Also Receive...

  • A FAST TRACK to Success System, Tools, and Inside Secrets to get You FURTHER FASTER without all the Guesswork.
  • A STEP BY STEP Roadmap proven to get Lovelies on Teams.... at a 70% PLUS Succes Rate!
  • A PLAN OF ATTACK specific to your needs and challenges that you can begin implementing to help you GO PRO!!
  • IN PERSON WORKSHOPS... 10 VIRTUAL TRAININGS... ZOOM Calls.... PRIVATE FB Group... ONE-ON-ONE Sessions, & MORE , to guide you every step of the way I'll give you the TOP techniques our Lovelies use to land a spot on a team! 
  • The KEY elements you need to master when it comes to your dance style, your knowledge, your fitness, your look & physique (& the steps you need to take in each area that ensure you walk into auditions with confidence)
  • PLUS... a few bonuses & surprises along the journey! 

Hear From Our Lovelies...

The Pro Cheer Playbook Program is a combination of...

The Group Coaching Program is a comprehensive virtual and group coaching course that teaches you what needs to be done to prepare for auditions, how to do it, and how to do it right! The curriculum is designed to give you more structure and focus each week of the program. You will receive step-by-step instruction to walk you through the entire preparation process with numerous opportunities to ask questions and get tailored advice.

The Pro Cheer Playbook Program is jammed packed with EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully prepare for prep classes & auditions. Each module and retreat covers a different component of the auditions process.

Lovelies Transformations!

Workshop #1:

  • Overall Assessment of Dance Skills & Needs
  • Assessment of Your Current Appearance and Fitness Level
  • Review of Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals
  • Recommended Plan of Action to Help You Reach Your Goals
  • Dancing, Across the Floor Technique, Kicks, Flexibility, etc.
  • Hardcore HIIT Workout

1-on-1 Skype Sessions:

  • Work 1-on-1 with a Coach on anything you want, like:
  • Technical Dance Skills
  • Across the Floor Technique
  • Learning and Performing Choreography
  • Review of Stretching Techniques/Drills for Ultimate Flexibility
  • Kicks and Kick Sequences
  • Interview Skills
  • Modeling, Posing & Walking the Runway
  • Makeup Application & Getting "The Look"

Workshop #2:

  • Overall Assessment of Dance Skills #2
  • Assessment of Your Look #2
  • “The Look” Advice and Guidance
  • Modeling & Posing in front of a camera
  • Mock Audition with Freestyle, Speech, and
  • Choreography Learning/Performing Rounds
  • Mock Interview

Mindset Prep:

  • Getting Real with Yourself on Where You Currently are in the Process
  • Determining Your Commitment Level to the Preparation Process
  • Assessing if You are “Cheerleader Material”
  • Getting the Right Mindset to Effectively Prepare and Then Perform with Confidence
  • Determining Your Goals and What You Want to Accomplish
  • Learning Techniques to Build Your Confidence & Self Image

P.R.E.P. Model - Detailed Preparation Guidelines:

  • Thorough Overview of Sideline Prep’s P.R.E.P Model©: Details on How to Prepare, React, Evaluate, & Perform
  • What You Need to do During Each Phase of the P.R.E.P Process
  • Everything You Need to Research and Implement to be Prepared for Prep Classes and Auditions
  • How to Develop a Specific Plan of Action Using Our Easy-to-Follow Downloadable Guides for Each Phase of the P.R.E.P Model©
  • How to Spend Your Valuable Time on the Right Things in the Audition Preparation Process, Not Needlessly Wasted on Ineffective Practices
  • How to Use the P.R.E.P© Model to be Confident During the Audition Process

Goal Prep - Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals for Success:

  • Why Goal Setting is So Important for All Areas of Your Life
  • Determine What Areas You Need to Focus on for the Audition Process
  • How to Set S.M.A.R.T Goals for Your Personal, Professional, and Pro Cheer Life
  • Learn the Importance of Setting Due Dates and Holding Yourself Accountable

Attraction Prep - Get "The Look":

  • Tips & Suggestions on How to Get "The Look"
  • Best Make-up Colors for Your Skin Tone
  • Best Audition Outfit Colors for Your Skin Tone
  • Best Audition Outfit Styles for Your Build
  • How to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition
  • How to Properly Apply Make-up

Knowledge Prep - Audition Do's & Don'ts:

  • Basic Preparation Guidelines following the Sideline P.R.E.P© Model
  • What You need to do Before, During and After auditions
  • What a Typical Audition Day looks like
  • What the Judges are looking for
  • Audition Scoring Elements
  • Audition Process Tips: From Arrival to Learning to Being “On Deck” to Performing (Over 15 slides dedicated to TIPS!!)

Proper Eating Prep - Nutrition Guidance & Meal Plan:

  • Tips on How to Quickly Determine what You Should and Should NOT Eat
  • Nutrition Facts & Misconceptions of Weight Loss
  • 3 Areas You Should Always Keep in Mind for Healthy Eating
  • 4 Things to Look for when Selecting Meals & Snacks
  • Overview of Super Foods and Super “Bad” Foods
  • Tips on Proper Portion Control
  • Top Foods that Make the “Final Cut”
  • Tips for Vegetarians & Vegans
  • The Who? What? When? & Where? of Healthy Eating

Sideline Fitness

  • Importance of Nutrition, Fitness, and Rest
  • Top Fitness Misconceptions and Tips to Remember
  • Types of Workouts to do Based on Your Fitness Goals
  • How to Target Certain "Problem" Areas through Your Fitness Regimen

Sideline Flexibility

  • Why Stretching After Workouts is so Important
  • When & How to Stretch for Optimal Results
  • How to Transfer your Flexibility to the Height of Your Kicks
  • Exercises/Drills to Improve Your Flexibility - And More!!

Question & Answer Prep - Introduction Speech & Interview Technique Prep:

  • Suggestions on What You Need to Research in Preparation for Your Interview
  • Basic Sports Facts (NFL & NBA)
  • Importance of the Introduction Speech and Interview Round
  • What the Judges are Looking for
  • Potential Interview Scenarios (When & How Interviews might show up)
  • Step-by-step Instructions on HOW to Craft Your Intro Speech
  • Composer and Poise during the Interview
  • Interview Process Tips:
  • Types of Interview Questions You Might Hear
  • Examples of Interview Questions
  • How to Answer Interview Questions
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Application Prep - Filling Out the Audition Application:

  • Basic Elements of Almost Every Audition
  • Application
  • How to Present the “Best You” on Paper & via Your Picture
  • How to Effectively Fill Out the Audition Application
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Application Submission
  • When/How to Turn in Your Application
  • What Type of Picture You Should Submit with Your Application
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Photo Submission
  • What to Include and NOT Include on Your Resume and What to Do if a Resume is NOT Required

Pro Cheer Dance Routines

  • Receive 2 Professional Cheer/Dance Routines per month
  • Learn Routines to Counts & Music
  • Record Your Routines and have an SP Coach give you Feedback!
  • Practice the Style & Moves of Different Teams
  • Learn to Add Your Own Personality into Routines

Plus Much More...

  • 24/7 Access to GeNienne via Facebook Group, Email, or Phone
  • Private Facebook Group with 24/7 Access to Members & Sideline Prep Coaches
  • Monthly/Weekly Group Challenges
  • Accountability Check-in Emails with Personal Feedback
  • Accountability Partner to Help You through the Process


Join Now and Receive...

  • FREE Access to Our Pro Dance Academy!! ... which includes Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Dance Instruction, at your own pace... plus Personalized Feedback
  • Lifetime Access to workout and resources with the Fit with Jeanette Bootcamp private Facebook Group!
  • One FREE 30-minute Orientation Call with Community Manager, Sadi!
  • One FREE 30-minute Strategy Session with your very own Accountability Coach
  • One FREE 45-minute Makeover Session & Updated "Look Book" with our Makeover Coach & SP Lovely, Amber [Former NBA Dancer & Current Semi Pro Dance Team Coach]
  • Two FREE 45-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions with the Sideline Prep Coach(es) of Your Choice!
  • One FREE Admission Ticket to Sideline Prep's Annual Pro Cheer Workshop!
  • 20% Discount on ALL Sideline Prep Services, Workshops, Products, etc. for One Full Year!
  • FREE Membership to our Pro Cheer Playbook Graduates PRIVATE Facebook Group After Completion of Your Program!

We LOVE seeing our Lovelies Learn and Grow!

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Pro Cheer Playbook Program TODAY!

----- No Previous Dance/Cheer Experience or Requirements Necessary to Apply! -----

You must complete an application to be considered for this exclusive program. Your information is always safe with us. We hate spam too and promise to never share your information.

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